The academic activities at NIT Patna are supervised by the senate.
The academic session is divided into two semesters each of approximately 20 weeks duration: an Autumn Semester (July - December) and a Spring Semester (December - May).
Respected Mr.U.S.Triar is the present Academic Dean of the college.
The Senate - approved schedule of academic activities for a session, inclusive of dates for registration, mid -semester and end - semester examinations, inter - semester breaks etc, shall be laid down in· the Academic Calendar for the session. The Academic Calendar shall strive to provide for a total of about 90 working days in each semester.
Contacts- Registrar: 0612- 2660480 Institute Tele fax No.: 0612- 2670631 Institute Phone No.: 0612 – 2370419, 2371715, 2371929, 2371930, 2372715
Extension No. Director – 101
Registrar - 104
Dean (Academics) - 247
DR (Examination) – 105
Program Officer (A&E) - 105


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Regulation for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy Programme - 2012