NIT Patna is led by a group of senior and experienced administrators headed by Chairman, Board of Governors and administered by Director, NIT Patna. The administration of NIT Patna is led by following authorities

Chairman, Board of Governors : Prof. Manas Bihari Verma
Director, NIT Patna : Prof. Asok De
Dean,Academic : Prof. U. S. Triar
Dean,Faculty Affairs : Prof. S. M. Jha
Dean, Student Affairs : Prof. M. M. Choudhary
Dean, Planning and Develpment : Prof. G. K. Choudhary
Dean, Research and Consultancy : Prof. Sudarshan Singh
Registrar, NIT Patna : Prof. Vidya Sagar

Further for smooth functioning of Institute and to manage the administrative work efficiently the following 14 service units have been created. Name of persons heading different service units along with their designation are given below:

Service Unit Head Professor-In-Charge
Faculty Affairs - Prof. S. M. Jha
Linkages - Prof. M.M. Choudhary
Alumni - Prof. Sudarshan Singh
Training and Placement - Dr. Asim Gopal Barman
R&C Services - Dr. Sudarshan Singh
Academic Dean(academics) Prof. U.S. Triar
Students Dean(students) Prof. M. M. Choudhary
Account Registrar Prof. Vidya Sagar
Personnel Registrar Prof. Vidya Sagar
Examinations Prof. Incharge Prof. N. R. Lal
Procurement Dy Registrar Dr. Prakash Chandra
Admission Asst. Registrar Dr. M.P. Singh
I.T. based Management Prof. Incharge Mr. Abhay kumar
Estate Executive Engineer Dr. A. K. Sinha