Electronics & Communication Engineering

The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering offers courses leading to Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communication Engineering. The department has a very good infrastructure and faculty to provide excellent education.

The Department provides wide spectrum of courses. The prominent among them being Digital Electronics, Analog Electronics, Solid State Physics and Devices, Intelligent Instruments, Optical fiber communication, Digital signal processing, IC Fabrication and VLSI. Apart from these, students are also offered a wide variety of electives.

Head Of Department: Dr. Jayanto Ghosh

Contact Address:
Department of Electronics & Communications Engg.,
National Institute Of Technology Patna,
Ashok Rajpath, Patna - 800005.
Email: ece@nitp.ac.in
Extn: +91-612-(2371715/2715/2371929/
2370419/2370843/2371930) * 177