छात्र सोसायटी

The institute has always shown keen interest in promoting the non academic side of every individual of the institution to bring out their pleasantly cultural but hidden talents. The institute provides a very solid platform to all students for showcasing their technical talents by organizing technical symposiums and also encourages them to give shape to their innovative ideas and thoughts. Innovative technical models are developed under the able guidance of a professor and showcased in various technical model presentations.

The institute recognizes three major societies namely:
  • Cultural Society - Each year this society organizes the cultural extravaganza under the name Mélange - the melting pot of talents.
  • Common Room Society - The common rooms society organizes various indoor games' competitions like Chess, Carom, Table Tennis, Badminton, and Su-doku championship.
  • Outdoor Society - The outdoor society conducts all field events like Cricket, Football, Volley ball, Javelin throw, Discuss throw and also includes the Athletic Society under its realms which conducts all the Athletic events.