Student Activites

         The students of NIT Patna are involved in a wide spectrum of events other than their daily academic routine. This includes showcasing their captivating talents through cultural events, creating avenues for innovative thoughts and their application through technical symposiums, grooming themselves for the real corporate world by organizing various seminars and playing the role of responsible citizens by facilitating numerous social service works. Tech fest- Corona has come out to be hugely successful affair and students from all over the country come to be a part of this national level technical symposium every year. Melange provides the right platform to revitalize your hidden talents and sets the tone for days of exclusive fun and excitement. At the same time through Kartavya and Sankalpa, students have been rendering commendable service towards the education of underprivileged children and providing a caring touch to the neglected elders lying unattended in old age homes. Seminars on critically changing perspectives of higher education and the corporate world by renowned institutes is a regular feature.Also students have formed socities and groups to cater to the technical and non-technical needs of the students.These student groups have got proper recognition and backing from the college administration.Some of these include Abhyuday,E-X-E,Reading Club.These groups aim to develop a student's personality so that he/she is ready to face the ever rising technical competition from outside world.These also enhance the managerial skills of students which are the dire need of the HR team of the visting companies.

          Through all these activities ranging across a vivid category of events, the students of the institute provides for themselves a rendezvous of thought, cognizance, feeling and frolic which guarantees not just their overall grooming but also enhances their sense of responsibility.