-Civil Engineering

Dept.Sem/ElectivesCourse CodeCourse TitleLTPCredits
CEUG1HS101English Literature2103
CEUGMA101Engineering Mathematics I3104
CEUG1PH101Engineering Physics TH 3104
CEUG1PH102Engineering Physics Lab0031
CEUG1CS101Introduction to Computing2103
CEUG1CS102Computing Lab0031
CEUG1EE101Elements of Electrical Engg3104
CEUG1EE102Elements of Electrical Engg Lab0031
CEUG1ME102Workshop Practice0031
CEUG2HS102Communication Skill Development & Technical Writing3104
CEUG2MA102Engineering Mathematics �II3104
CEUG2CH101Chemical Science3003
CEUG2CH102Chemical Science Lab3001
CEUG2HS105Science, Society & Ethical Values1102
CEUG2CE101Engineering Mechanics3104
CEUG2EC101Elements of Electronics Engg3104
CEUG2EC102Elements of Electronics Engg Lab0031
CEUG2EC101Engineering Graphics1032
CEUGCE105Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulics3104
CEUGCE106Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulics lab0031
CEUGCE107Mechanics of Solids3104
CEUGCE109Surveying Lab0031
CEUGCH104Green Technology (Environmental Science)3003
CEUGMA104Tools of Applied Mathematics3003
CEUGPH104Materials Science & Technology - 13003
CEUGCE110Design of Concrete Structures3104
CEUGCE111Cement Concrete Lab0031
CEUGCE112Geotechnical Engineering -I3104
CEUGCE113Geotechnical Engineering - I Lab0031
CEUGCE114Environmental Engineering - I3104
CEUGCH105ABio Science3003
CEUGMA108Numerical Methods for Engineers3003
CEUGCE116Design of steel structures3104
CEUGCE117Design of steel structures lab0031
CEUGCE118Geotechnical Engineering - II3104
CEUGCE119Material Testing Lab0031
CEUGCE121Transportation Engineering -I3104
CEUGCE122Transportation Engineering –I Lab0031
CEUGCE1xxDepartmental Elective - I3003
CEUGxx1xxEngineering/Open- I (Elective)3003
CEUGCE123Hydrology and Open channel Flow3104
CEUGCE124Hydrology and OCF Lab0031
CEUGCE125Environmental Engg-II3104
CEUGCE126Environmental Engg-II Lab0031
CEUGCE127Transportation Engg -II3104
CEUGCE191Minor Project-I0031
CEUGCE1xxDepartmental Elective - II3003
CEUGCE1xxEngineering/Open- II (Elective)3003
CEUGGE103Industrial Interaction & Soft Skill Development----
CEUGCE1xxDepartmental Elective - III3003
CEUGCE1xxDepartmental Elective - IV3003
CEUGxx1xxEngineering/Open -III/ HSS/ Science/(Elective)3003
CEUGxx1xxEngineering/Open -IV/HSS/ Science/(Elective)3003
CEUGCE193Minor Project-II0062
CEUGCE192Industrial Training (4 to 6 weeks after 6th Sem)1
CEUGCE194General Seminar0062
CEUGCE195Major Project20
CEUGCE196Comprehensive Viva2
CEUGCE141Advanced Design of Steel Structures3003
CEUGCE142Prestressed Concrete Design3003
CEUGCE144Design of Dams3003
CEUGCE 145Disaster Management and Mitigation3003
CEUGCE 146Finite Element Method 3003
CEUGCE147Computer Aided Design3003
CEUGCE148Water and Land Management3003
CEUGCE149Air Pollution Engineering3003
CEUGCE150Traffic engineering3003
CEUGCE151Advanced Soil Mechanics3003
CEUGCE 153Structural Dynamics3003
CEUGCE154River Hydraulics and Sediment Transport3003
CEUGCE155Civil Engineering Drawing Using Auto CAD3003
CEUGCE 156Ground Water Engineering 3003
CEUGCE 157Airport Planning and Design3003
CEUGCE158Design of Plate and Shell3003
CEUGCE 159Industrial Waste Treatment3003
CEUGCE 160Water Resources Planning and Management 3003
CEUGCE 161Soil Dynamics 3003
CEUGCE 162System Engineering3003
CEUGCE163Water Power Engineering3003
CEUGCE 164Bridge Engineering 3003
CEUGCE 165Floods and Droughts3003
CEUGCE 166Solid Waste Management 3003
CEUGCE 167Advanced Foundation Engineering3003
CEUGCE 168Transportation Systems and Planning3003
CEUGCE169Land Drainage3003
CEUGCE170Building Science3003
CEUGCE 171Mechanics of Composite Materials 3003
CEUGCE 172Advanced surveying 3003
CEUGCE 173Irrigation Engineering and Hydraulic structure3003
CEUGCE 174Rock Mechanics 3003
CEUGCE175Earthquake Resistant Structures3003
CEUGCE182Enviormental Impact Assesments3003
CEUGCE183Structural Analysis3003